We produce metal-ceramic brakes, electrical contacts and sliding materials

Brakes and clutches

Metal-ceramic materials for brake and clutch lining, usually for heavy-duty applications.

Electrical contacts

Electro-contact components for conducting electrical current from connection line systems to engines of vehicles and machinery.

Sliding materials and bearings

Sliding components for minimizing the friction coefficient in various machinery.


Announcements and news from our company.


How we work

Every new project is being developed with close involvement of our R&D team – no matter whether it is based on a customer inquiry, or on information gathered in our markets.

This applies to every step of our development process: from the first calculations & sketches to the final product. We pride ourselves in providing solutions, which are reliable, high-quality and most convenient for the customer. We approach all projects individually and pay them the same caution regardless the size.

Manufacture of a final product does not end the cooperation with our customer. We remain in close contact with the customer and react upon new inquires & requirements. We leverage customers´ feedback in further cooperation.

Production and technologies

Raw materials being used in our production must comply with the directive RoHS 2011/65/EU. We also do not use any materials labeled as “conflict” according to the regulation 2017/821/EU.

Raw materials play critical role in the characteristics of our products. Therefore, they receive very close attention from our R&D team. It is essential for us to continuously monitor news from the world´s raw material markets and apply all beneficial findings into our products.

Our products are being made using modern equipment, which is continuously being automated. Nonetheless, we do not underestimate the human factor that still plays a very important role. We highly value the skills and experience of our colleagues from the production team who help us further improve quality and effectivity of our production processes.

Material testing

We test our new as well as standard products/materials using special testing devices – either our own, or customer-specific. We focus on the friction coefficient as well as other factors like noise, vibrations and heat conductivity.

Our testing devices simulate real-life conditions. The results we get are not only mere numbers, but also non-transferable sensory perceptions. Therefore, the long-time experience of our testing technicians are highly valuable.

Quality control

Quality is always top priority on our list. We use modern 3D measuring device WENZEL, or automatic measuring system KEYENCE for initial as well as final inspection. Nevertheless, standard calipers and micrometers still play important role in daily processes.

Every production step is recorded in our information system using a unique barcode, thanks to which we can trace back every single step.

Moreover, company Diafrikt Components s.r.o. is a holder of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate as well as many other certificates.



Uninterrupted, company Diafrikt Components s.r.o. with its headquarters in Potštejn continues in the long-standing tradition of the company PRAMET Šumperk in production and development of metal-ceramic friction, electrocontact and sliding materials. The beginning of our history goes back to 1958.